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WATCH: Gay twins read Grindr messages and the results are hilarious

Gay twins read Grindr messages
Instagram / Zakar Twins – Twins Michael and Zach Zakar model together

It’s a cliché of a fantasy to hook up with twins at least once in your life.

Michael and Zach Zakar have a few things in common.

They’re both gay, they both model – together – and they also happen to be twins.

More than 10,000 people follow them on their Instagram account, where the brothers post model pictures and snapshots.

Now the duo uploaded a video of them reading their Grindr messages to YouTube.

And they get exactly the kind of messages you’d expect.

The guy asking for a threesome with Michael and Zach might still be the most harmless one.

Another users asks Zach whether he can ask him a very personal question.

‘Have you and your brother ever fucked before?’ he asks.

‘I’m only asking because I have a gay brother also.’

After answering no, Zach asked the user whether he had ever done something highly inappropriate with his brother.

‘No that’s weird.’

And of course, there’s the attempt to pit one brother against the other.

‘Your twin is much cuter than you,’ one user writes.

‘But I’d still sleep with you anyway.’

Watch the full video below:

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