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WATCH: James Franco coins the word ‘twunk’ in new clip from King Cobra

ames Franco coins the word ‘twunk’
Photo: Daniels Murphy Communications – Andrew Keegan and James Franco play lovers and partners in porn in King Cobra.

The chemistry between on-screen lovers James Franco and Keegan Allen is clearly on display in a new clip from King Cobra.

‘You got everything baby,’ Franco’s gay porn producer character tells his boyfriend and leading man.

A shirtless Allen is pouting that he’s not as big a star as Brent Corrigan.

Franco dismisses Corrigan (played in the movie by Garrett Clayton) as a ‘f*****g twink’ who will soon be a washed up ‘twunk.’

But in this movie set in the world of gay porn, they end up seeing Corrigan as their vehicle to big bucks.

The pair are so determined to get him for their next gay porn movie that they are even willing to kill a rival producer to get Corrigan out of his exclusive contract.

The ripped-from-the-headlines drama provides a major departure for Disney Channel star Clayton as the teen porn sensation.

It also stars Christian Slater as the rival producer, Alicia Silverstone as Corrigan’s mother and Molly Ringwald as the sister of the murdered producer.

The film was written and director by Justin Kelly who previously worked with Franco on I Am Michael.

King Cobra opened in New York City last weekend and expands into other markets, including Los Angeles, today.


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