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WATCH: Man caught cheating on wife with gay lover on ‘What Would You Do?’

Man caught cheating on wife with gay lover on ‘What Would You Do?’
YouTube – Would you date someone who’s still married to a woman?

In a new episode of candid camera reality show ‘What Would You Do?’ by ABC, diners in a barbecue restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, were faced with the situation of a man who’s having a gay affair behind his wife’s back.

To set the situation up, a pair of actors playing a man and his wife tell diners sitting at the table next to them that they are celebrating their four-year wedding anniversary.

The wife then leaves for the bathroom before the man’s gay lover comes into the restaurant suddenly.

The affair is then laid out on the table when the men kiss on the lips.

However, their meeting is cut short when the man chases away his lover, who then becomes mad that the man has yet told his wife about their affair and storms off.

Unsuspecting diners are then faced with the decision of whether or not to tell the wife about what happened while she’s away when she returns to the table.

Most diners choose not to interfere. Surprisingly or not, none of them seems repulsed by same-sex love — just shocked about the secret affair.

A few diners tell the man that he needs to tell his wife the truth. One woman suggests the wife to go for couple counselling but still keeps the truth to herself.

Finally one woman decides to push the man to tell his wife about the affair, and when he refuses to, she breaks it to the wife herself.

‘When you went to the bathroom a white man came in, and kissed him on the lips and sat down. He’s begged him to leave,’ she said to the wife.

When the wife looks in confusion, the woman adds: ‘He’s gay.’

Watch what transpires here:


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