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WATCH: Naked swamp wrestling? These Finnish men know how to have fun in the wild

aked swamp wrestling
YouTube – The men wrestle in peat pools, which are plenty in the wetlands

When you hear ‘Finland,’ what’s the first thought that comes to your mind?

Cold. Very cold. Brrrrrr cold.

But surprise, surprise, despite the low temperatures, the country does have a tradition of naked mud wrestling.

In Finnish vlogger Timo Wilderness’ latest YouTube video, he’s bringing us to the wild, wild side of Finland for some action in the mud.

Do you know that a third of Finland’s total land area is swamps, making it the country with the highest proportion of wetlands in the world?

Perhaps this is why the Finnish word for ‘swamp’ is ‘suo,’ and the Finnish word for ‘Finland’ is ‘suomi.’

In fact, swamps play such an important part in Finnish culture that there are ten different words for ‘swamp’ in its language.

aked swamp wrestling

In the wetlands, there are ‘peat pools’ where people can play rounds of naked mud wrestling.

Timo shares that according to Finnish mythology, the swamp is ‘a bridge between the living and the dead.’

‘Dead bodies don’t rot in peat land — they mummify,’ the YouTuber adds.

Well, this means that the swamps are actually filled with hidden mummified remains of ancient Finns.

Cool. Maybe we’ll just skip the muds and go straight to the saunas, which are also built on the wetlands for the visitors.

And yes, Timo’s bringing us for a sneak peek inside the saunas too.


And not to forget, this is where iconic gay erotic artist Touko Valio Laaksonen aka Tom of Finland, came from.

Now, who’s putting Finland as one of their to-go travel destinations?


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