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WATCH: On Russell Tovey’s 35th birthday, three sexy videos you will love

Out actor has starred in Looking, The Pass and now Quantico

Russell Tovey's 35th birthday
Image published via IMDB – Russell Tovey [right] stars alongside Arinze Kene in The Pass

Russell Tovey turns 35 today and does so during one of the most high-profile years of his career.

The prolific Instagram poster and openly gay actor has been heating up ABC’s Quanitco this season.

His Quantico character of Harry Doyle is very different from Looking’s Kevin Matheson.

But both characters know how to seduce a man as we have seen in recent episodes of the FBI thriller.

The mysterious Doyle is a mischievous gadabout who is Part Thomas Crown, part grown-up Artful Dodger.

In this summer’s Looking: The Movie, Tovey stepped back into the shoes of video game executive Matheson.

He had one of the movie’s most emotional and memorable scenes when he tells Patrick Murray (Jonathan Groff) that he loves him during a brief reunion over coffee.

Also this year, Tovey stars in the football drama, The Pass. He plays Jason, a Premier League footballer whose life takes a turn after he shares an unexpected kiss with fellow teammate Ade (Arinze Kene).

The kiss happened the night before Jason’s first big international game, and the emotional complications follow the two men over the next 10 years.

Here is Tovey in action in Quantico, Looking and The Pass.

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