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WATCH: Scott Eastwood flaunts summer bod for the #22PushUpChallenge

Scott Eastwood flaunts summer body for the #22PushUpChallenge
Instagram – Scott Eastwood gets naked for his pushups

Actor Scott Eastwood took on the ’22 pushup challenge’ and — hallelujah — he did it with his top off.

The beefy-licious 30-year-old was inspired by actors Chris Pratt and Dwayne Johnson who posted videos of them doing the challenge earlier.

Like the ALS ice bucket challenge which took over the world in 2014, the 22 pushup challenge requires the participant to do the task, nominate someone else to do the same, and of course, the whole thing needs to be videoed and posted on social media.

The main purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness about military veterans who suffer from mental health challenges.

The number 22 comes from a 2012 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) report which estimates that an average of 22 veterans die from committing suicide each day.

Eastwood wrote on his Instagram, ‘Thanks @prattprattpratt and @therock for calling people out this morning. the #22pushupchallenge is to raise awareness for our veterans that are suffering out there. We must never forget about those who fight and die for this country. If you are suffering call 1-800-273-8255.’

The hunk wears a tank top at the beginning of the video but decides to strip it off to continue the challenge.


Here’s Pratt, Johnson and our fav Chris Evans pumpin’ it up:


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