The world-famous naughty illustrations from the late ’50s are back in a new music video from DJ Hell.

The homoerotic pictures drawn by the late Touko a.k.a. Tom of Finland have made a comeback in the form of a music video for DJ Hell’s track I Want U.

DJ Hell visited TOM House, where Tom of Finland spent the last decade of his life. Tom’s former partner encouraged him to incorporate Tom’s drawings into an animated music video.

The song goes flicks through many of Tom’s art and progressively gets less and less safe for work.

Tom of Finland was the perfect visual accompaniment for the new track, which centres on love between two men.

“House music emerged from that very early underground club scene in Chicago and New York City, with legendary clubs like The Warehouse and the Paradise Garage,” DJ Hell explained.

“The soundtrack for those nights was presented by DJs like Ron Hardy and Larry Levan, bringing DJ/club culture and gay culture together. With my new album I want to pay tribute to that movement and that time by highlighting Tom’s work.”

The song is on DJ Hell’s new album “Zukunftsmusik” which will be released in 2017.

You can watch a censored version of the song here: