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We’re Dying For These Hunks Twerking At The Gym

Hunks Twerking At The Gym

Hunks Twerking At The Gym

I wanna go to this gym.

Another viral video is going around and this time its one of a bunch of shirtless guys goofing around and dancing around while getting swole.

We don’t know where this video was taken, but we know that we want to go there.

A bunch of beefy guys mess around while hanging out at the gym and all eyes were watching them. Not only were several cameras pointed in their direction, but now the video below has more than 5 million views on Facebook (and we’re sure the video’s been shared on other sites by now too).

Not since the Flight Cadets in Russia have we seen such a random and fun video of nearly naked boys being boys.

We can only hope this is the start of a bunch of videos where random shirtless men twerk around with sweat glistening all over their bodies. That would be a dream come true.

But enough rambling from us. Want to see what all the talk is about?

Check out the video of hunks twerking at the gym down below, and get excited by the twerking, ground humping, body-rolling goodness that is these random and sexy men.


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