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We’re Gagging On Model Jacob Dooley!

Jacob Dooley is the stuff of lick and yum

Jacob Dooley

Are you into muscular, defined guys that aren’t overdone? Do you dig guys with blond hair and blue eyes? Do twinks and twunks turn you on?

Then you are going to love Jacob Dooley!

Originally hailing from a small town in the Midwest, Dooley is one of those guys who just have his photo next to the term “Lick and Yum” in the gay dictionary.

Born on December 31, 1998 – the young stud is a Capricorn male. He stands at a very tall 6’4. Oh, and he wears a size 13 shoe if you can believe it.

Woke up in Atlanta ✈

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Dooley is a Miami-based male model signed by three groups that we know of: DT Los Angeles, Next Miami and Red New York. In many ways, he channels a bit of Charles Laurent Marchand.


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His got over 111,000 Instagram followers, which kind of tells us he’s fairly popular. When you go through his IG feed, you are going to see a variety of pictures that are wickedly HOT.

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What we like about Jacob is that he really does have an all-natural look. Unlike other male models who are massively built, Jacob has a muscular but not crazy overdone bod that just goes on for days.

There’s a super cute video of him available on YouTube. We’ve inserted in this post for you to check out on your own. Be sure to watch all of it because at the end you get the color shot with a bit of chest.

Fresh Digitals 📸✨

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Peaking at the weekend…👀

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This is not how I wake up, trust me. 📸 @blakeballardphoto

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Friend: "Are you ready? I'm here." Me: "uhhh…"

Een bericht gedeeld door Jacob (@jacobdooley) op

Being a male model is probably not easy. We know from some of our past featured posts – like the one with Max Bosworth – that the hours are long and the pay isn’t always the best.

That’s why we’re glad Jacob is letting all of us in on his hotness. Hope you dig him!

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