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Why Christian Slater felt for his closeted gay character in King Cobra

King Cobra cast
The cast of King Cobra includes Christian Slater, Garrett Clayton, Keegan Allen and James Franco

Christian Slater’s role in King Cobra not only has him playing a gay man but a closeted gay man.

The Mr. Robot star says the closeted aspect made the part of a gay porn producer far more interesting.

‘That was certainly something that I thought was intriguing and painful for the character,’ he tells AOL Build.

Molly Ringwald plays Slater’s sister in the film and they have a scene where she is trying to get him to go out on a date with a woman she knows.

‘Clearly this guy has been closeted his while life,’ Slater says.

‘Even the people closest to him don’t know what he’s been up to sort of behind closed doors. That just really made my heart go out to the guy – the struggle and living with the shame and the guilt.’

The film is based on a true story about the circumstances that led to the murder of Slater’s character in 2007.

King Cobra also stars James Franco and Keegan Allen as a pair of cash-strapped porn producers who will do anything – even commit murder – to get porn headliner Brent Corrigan out of his contract with his controlling producer and mentor (Slater) who made him famous.

The film opens in New York on Friday (21 October) then in Los Angeles and other parts of the US a week later.

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