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Williams Sonoma is selling a ‘reversible meat tenderizer’ that looks like a butt plug and the reviews are hilarious

reversible meat tenderizer
Williams Sanoma – Pound that meat good

When you want to beat some meat, you need the right tool for the job.

So if you wanted to pound some rump roasts or get a good hunk of beef all tenderized, Williams Sonoma have got the perfect product.

The luxury home brand is selling a ‘reversible meat tenderizer’.

And some people can’t help but point out the similarities between the product…and a butt plug.

Some of the reviews are hilarious, but also some are so sincere that you’re not even sure if they’ve got the joke.

‘Great for pounding chicken!’

‘Great for pounding chicken,’ one review begins.

‘I bought this for pounding boneless chicken breasts into thin fillets for Chicken Piccata. It works great without a lot of effort due to the heavy weight of it. I haven’t used the meat tenderizer side but it looks like it would do a great job on tough meat.’

Another said: ‘Great for a real pounding! My partner and I both love using it. The handle is very ergonomic too.


Williams Sanoma

‘The reversible spikes definitely add functionality and let you mix things up depending on what you’re pounding. Just be careful which way they’re pointing or you’re in for a surprise!’

One happy customer said: ‘No improvements needed. My husband uses it. No complaints and is happy to use it.’

‘My husband uses it. No complaints!’

While others are just obvious.

‘I bought this product almost two weeks ago and I love it! The spike side is amazing for tenderizing meats, and the pounding side is very nice too! I can’t get enough of this product, and I use it several times every day!’ they said.

‘The handle shape is very nice and the fact that you can use whatever side you want helps a ton! I also stick it up my bum.’


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