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WATCH: Naked male model tries out world’s first ‘ball dryer’

Now there’s an invention we can get behind…

Dyson balldryer

While the Dyson Airblade may have made drying your hands a breeze, those looking for a quick and easy way to dry their balls have been left out in the cold – until now.

Late night host Conan O’Brien debuted his brand new machine, the Dyson Ballblade, in a parody TV spot with the help of gorgeous model Daniel Rumfelt who gave viewers a rather convincing demonstration in the nude.

Dyson ballblade

“The fastest, most hygienic way to achieve total scrotal dryness,” a voiceover explains of the device, “because every package should be handled with care.”

We’d be happy to lend a hand if the machine ever breaks down…

Watch the video below.

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