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What It’s Like When Your Gay Boyfriend Breeds You

We’ve never been closer after the experience

When Your Gay Boyfriend Breeds You

My name is Mike and I’m 35-years old. I’m partnered and have been with my man for the past five years. After giving this topic a great deal of thought, I decided to pen this piece as a way of sharing.

To make a long story short, I let a guy breed me for the first time. That person wasn’t just anyone. In truth, it was my partner Nathan – the man I’m slated to marry this July.

The inspiration for writing this is to share my experience with others so that they may gain new insight. You see, until Nathan seeded me, I didn’t know what it felt like.

Moreover, I was curious to know what it felt like.

That last point may sound silly but for me, it’s true. When I asked friends about it, they weren’t really helpful. “It’s not that big of a deal,” one buddy said. Another shared, “You can’t really tell.”


In our relationship, the both of us are generally versatile. That’s not to say we don’t have our preferences. We do. I generally prefer being on top. But when you are with someone for a few years, it’s helpful to keep things interesting by switching.

In any event, around six months ago, Nathan and I were I were in the living room, messing around on the couch. One thing led to another and I was topping him.

I’ll never forget what he said to me as I was rocking him out. “Shoot it inside me!” Honestly, we have been playing bareback pretty much from the get go.

But for some reason, I had never seeded him. Don’t ask me why. We just didn’t. And in case you are wondering, we are both monogamous.

Being in the moment and wanting to be close to him, I let myself go and made a giant deposit inside of him – so much so that he told me later he could feel it.

Just hearing him say that made me curious.

My breeding

Here’s the weird thing. After I seeded Nathan, it started to become the norm. Each time I would top him, I made a deposit in his butt bank. He didn’t have to ask – it just happened naturally.

All of this brings me to last month – the first time I’ve ever been bred in my life.

We were on the couch getting busy. At some point, I found myself on my stomach with Nathan topping me. While we were playing, he whispered in my ear, “It’s my turn to nut you out.”

I won’t lie. Given how much I had been doing it to him, I was eager to experience what it was like. Because I tend to be a yeller when getting topped, I remember him gently covering my mouth while he jackhammered from behind.

Then suddenly it happened – he gushed out an enormous stream of milk deep inside. And the thing that stunned me was that I could feel almost all of it! He squirted three times and I could sense each release as he pumped from his utter.

“He told me later he could feel it”

I had heard rumors that it’s not possible to tell when it happens. That may be true for a lot of people but in my case, I totally felt Nathan’s fountain.

But here’s the best part. In that moment, I never felt closer to anyone in my life. There’s no way I can rightfully articulate this to you.

Call it love and trust – all swirled up into one. It was the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Guys, I’m not suggesting that you run out and get bred. Obviously, there’s a lot of health considerations to think about.

Speaking for myself, I would never do it anyone unless the man was my partner. Please don’t think I’m judging when I say that. Just trying to keep it real.

Now that we live in an age of PREP, I know a lot of guys are doing it raw. Thank goodness the medication is available to help with the prevention of HIV.

But there’s something to be said about loading up from the man you’ve been with in a monogamous relationship. In my case, it made me feel closer to him. And speaking to Nathan, he feels the same.

Wrap Up

The both of us are now in this place where we both exchange loads when we make love. Sometimes, we even joke about wanting one another’s babies. Crazy, huh? It’s just hot play – stuff boyfriends do I guess.

Anyway, I hope what I shared here was helpful. At least if you’ve ever been curious about what it feels like, you have a realistic idea.


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