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YouTube star Connor Franta opens up about his ‘one gay regret’

YouTube star Connor Franta
Screenshot / YouTube – YouTube star Connor Franta says he regrets not experiencing what his friends did in school

YouTube star Connor Franta has revealed he has ‘one gay regret’.

In a video of the same title, posted to his channel yesterday, the vlogger says his regret harks back to a time when he was still deeply in the closet.

‘Growing up, a typical thing for kids to go through is having feelings for another person, being attracted to other people,’ he says.

‘And then, following through with those feelings, they kiss another person, they hook up with another person.

‘All of those things are very normal, they’re very natural things to do as you’re coming into your sexuality, as you’re growing up.’

But for Franta, who came out at the age of 21, none of this was possible.

He famously came out to his audience in a heartfelt video in 2014, when he said he was ‘sick of censoring myself’.

Saying he felt like he was ‘oddly denied’ the same chances, Franta also says it is frustrating to this day.

YouTube star Connor Franta

‘It’s something that I feel like I regret not doing, or being able to do.

So unlike a lot of LGBT people I know personally, I really didn’t, before I came out, hook up with anybody.

I never kissed boys before I came out, nothing. I didn’t to any of that.

‘But I always wanted to, but I was too afraid.’

While his friends kissed boys or girls at parties, Franta says he watched and, the next day, listened to them talking about it – all while never making the same experiences.

‘I kissed girls, but, like, that didn’t mean anything to me,’ he says.

‘There were so many times that I wanted to go make out with a boy, there were so many times that I wanted to make a move on a boy; be drunk and hook up with a boy.

‘Just normal things that people do.’

Watch the full video below:


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